Products and Machining

The lamination of the iron is carried out in different versions, useful and adapted according to the processing to which it is intended; at our headquarters you can find it in three versions: glossy, copper and galvanized.


To make it easier to use, the wire is wrapped on coils with plastic support or cardboard spools; it is then packed with a double packing: first with paraffin paper and then in cardboard boxes.

We produce flat wire polished, galvanized, coppered, and flat carbon steel wire with the following characteristics:

Lenght max: mm 7,00
Lenght min: mm 1,00

Minimum thickness: mm 0,30
We can produce the following items:
flat wire n° 2 (mm 0,75 x mm 0,50)
flat wire n° 3 (mm 0,75 x mm 0,55)
flat wire n° 4 (mm 0,85 x mm 0,55)
flat wire n° 5 (mm 0,90 x mm 0,65)
round wire n° 21
round wire n° 22
round wire n° 23
round wire n° 24
round wire n° 25